高三英语 Unit 1模块考点复习教案

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高三英语 Unit 1模块考点复习教案
10 Unit 1 单元测试
一, 单词拼写:10分
1.Rice is grown in his area where it has a very heavy ________(降雨量).
2.Jane and ary don’t live in the same city, however, they manage to meet twice ______(每
3.Pollution is a ________(全球的) problem, to which more attention should be paid.
4.In general, old people in that country still firmly stick to their _________(传统的) ideas.
5.The ________ (尊严) of the occasion was lost when he fell down the steps
6. A lot of enterprises think it is their social responsibility to help poor college students finish their studies s_______.
7.According to the agreement, the i_______ shall be divided into three equal shares.
8.These after-class activities have brought out the c_______ in the students in No. 1 High School.
9. They believe the car will remain a leading means of city travel in f ________the future.
10. Some houses are designed to be smart and others have smart designs, as they are the works of different d________.
1. 对。。。施加压力 2.落后 3.把。。。付诸实践
4.采取初步措施 5.毫无疑问 6.在关键时刻
7.耗尽,用光 8.负债 9.不断要求
1.The local health organization is reported ____ twenty-five years ago when Dr. Audon became
its first president.
A. to be set up B. being set up
C. to have been set up D. having been set up
2. Fresh air, enough exercise and nutritious food ____ to sound health.
A. appealB. contributeC. addD. distribute
3. —The English exam is not difficult, is it? —___ . even Jane ___ to the top students failed in it.
A. Yes, belonged B. No, belonged C. Yes, belonging D. No, belonging
4. In China, shaking hands with each other is a common ___ when people meet for the first time.
A. sense B. practice C. rule D. scene
5. The train___ arrive at 11:30, but it was an hour late.
A. was about to b. was likely to C. was supposed to D. was certain to
6-- I have got no interest in it; ____, I have lots of work to do.
A. otherwise B. besides C. however D. therefore
7. ___ you go on trying, you will succeed some day.
A. As soon as B. As far as C. As long as D. As well as
8. Cook was a strict but good captain, _______ who, usually, took care of the sailors on his ship.
A. the oneB. oneC. thatD. this
9. y enthusiasm for Chinese football team gradually _____ because of their countless failures.
A. disappeared B. faded C. ran out D. gave up
10.I couldn't afford to rent a house like this, _________buy it.
A. no longer B. no more than C. let alone D. instead
11. ---You don’t seem to be quite yourself today. What’s wrong?
--- Oh, I'm suffering from a cold. Nothing serious, _________.
A. though . yet C. indeed D. anyway
12. In fact, more and more people ____ to live a greener, healthier and more environmentally
“green life”.
A. chose B. choose C. are choosing D. have chosen
13.As the proverb ____, an enemy in disguise is a wolf in sheep’s ____.
A. runs; dress B. says; clothes C. speaks; cloth D. goes; clothing
14. The manager discussed the plan that they would like to see _____ the next year.
A. carry out B. carrying out C. to carry out D. carried out
15. ---It is reported that the government has lightened the burden on the students.
---Oh, today we are still _________ from heavy schoolwork, __________ at preparing us for the entrance examination.
A. suffering; aimingB. suffered; aimedC. suffering; aimedD. suffered; aiming
1. All morning as she waited for the medical report from the doctor, her nervousness grows.
2. y mind wasn't on what he was saying so I'm afraid I had missed half of it.
3. A cook will be immediately fired if he is found smoke in the kitchen.
4. The storm left, caused a lot of damage to this area.
5. We didn’t plan our art exhibition like that but it turned out very well.
6. You can take anything from the shelf and read, but please put down the books when you
have finished with them.
7. The WTO cannot live up to its name unless it does not include a country that is home to
one fifth of mankind.
8. A computer can only do all what you have instructed it to do.
9. The English play at which my students acted at the New Year's party was a great success.
10. Freeing from endless homework on weekends, the students now find their own activities,
such as taking a ride together to watch the sunrise.
1.___________________ (lead) into the great hall, they received a warm welcome.
2. The book referred to by him is said ____________(translate) into English next year.
3. The teacher entered the room, ________________(follow) by our monitor.
4. The wallet________________(lie) on the ground is not mine.
5. ________________(not catch) what the teacher said, Bob raised his hand.
6. I ___________ ( play ) ping-pong quite well, but I haven't had time to play since the new year.
7. Some animals, ___________________(include) some bears, only half-hibernate.
8. I didn’t really work here. I ______________(help) out until the new secretary arrives.
9. Go on _______________(do) the other exercise after you have finished this one.
10.What do you think of the book? Oh excellent, it is worth______________(read) a second.
A modern city has been ______ _______ in_________ was a wasteland ten years ago.
2. 乘客投诉迫使公共汽车公司改进其服务。
Passenger complaints _______ great _______ _______ the bus company to improve their
3. 麦克这周过得糟透了。他丢了工作, 不但如此,他的女朋友和他分手了。
ike had a terrible week. He lost his job, and ________ _______ _______that, his girl broke up with him.
4. 那次飓风夺走了许多人的生命,让许多人无家可归。
The hurricane _________ many _________, and _________many people _________.
5. 未考上大学, 她的人生面临着抉择。
Her life was ________ ________ ________ when she failed her college entrance
6. 快速增加的私家车是城市交通堵塞的主要问题。人们在催促快速解决这个问题的方案。
The fast-growing private cars are the main problem in city traffic jams. People are ______
_______ a ________ to the problem.
7. 中学生被鼓励多喝牛奶,这对他们的健康有好处。
High school students are encouraged to drink more milk, which is ________ _________
their health.
8. 有些学生对网络成瘾,导致他们学习成绩差。
Some students have been addicted to the Internet, which ________ ________ their poorer
performance in study.
9. 为贫困大学生募捐的“一日捐”活动已在许多城市组织进行。
“One -day Donation” _________has been __________ in many cities to ________ ________
for poor college students.
Chinese ________culture ________ young adults to ________ _______ ________ their
 parents even though they are already married.
11. 中国政府在消除贫困方面已采取了许多及时的措施。
Chinese government _________ __________ many timely _________ to ________
_________ poverty.
12. 科学家警告我们说,我们有限的资在不远的将会用完。
Some scientists have warned us that our limited resource will _________ __________ in the
near __________.
y son Joey was born with club(畸形的)feet. The doctors told us that with treatment he would be able to walk 1 —but would never run very well. The first three years of his 2 were spent in surgery. By the time he was eight, you wouldn’t know he had a problem when you saw him 3 .
The children in our 4 ran around as most children do during play, and Joey would jump right in and run and play, too. We never told him that he probably wouldn’t be 5 to run as well as the other children .So he didn’t kno
In seventh grade he 6 to go out for the cross-country team. Every day he trained with the team. He worked harder and ran 7 than any of the others — perhaps he 8 that the abilities that seemed to come naturally to so many others did not come 9 to him. Although the entire team runs, only the 10 seven runners have the potential to score points for the school. We didn’t tell him he probably would never make the team, so he didn’t kno
He 11 to run four to five miles a day, every day —even the day he had a fever. I was 12 , so I went to look for him after school. I found him running alone. I asked him how he felt. “ 13 ”, he said. He had two more miles to go. The 14 ran down his face and his eyes were glassy from his fever. 15 he looked straight ahead and kept running. We never told him he 16 run four miles with a fever. So he didn’t kno
Two weeks later, the 17 of the team runners were called. Joey was number six on the list. Joey had made the team. He was in seventh grade— the 18 six team members were all eighth-graders. We never told him he shouldn’t 19 to make the team. We never told him he couldn’t do it. We never told him he couldn’t do all those things. So he didn’t kno He 20 did it.
1. A. silentlyB. usually C. particularly D. normally
2. A. school B. life C. illness D. time
3. A. play B. laugh C. walk D. talk
4. A. neighbourhood B. city C. family D. childhood
5. A. pleased B. forced C. able D. willing
6. A. refused B. decided C. remembered D. hesitated
7. A. faster B. sooner C. less D. more
8. A. sensed B. understood C. learned D. proved
9. A. certainly B. actually C. naturally D. possibly
10. A. oldest B. earliest C. first D. top
11. A. continued B. had C. wanted D. stopped
12. A. upset B. angry C. worried D. disappointed
13. A. Sorry B. Okay C. Right D. Absolutely
14. A. tears B. heat C. sweat D. rain
15. A. Thus B. Then C. So D. Yet
16. A. couldn’t B. wouldn’t C. mustn’t D. needn’t
17. A. parents B. names C. teachers D. members
18. A. next B. last C. other D. remaining
19. A. expect B. wish C. fail D. want
20. A. seldom B. just C. always D. never
After we meet people it is up to us to make them our friends. Let us stop a moment and consider what really makes a friend. The major qualities like faithfulness, devotion, friendly company, flash through our minds. But it is the large number of very small particular qualities that make up one's whole character, such as cheerfulness, friendliness, and punctuality. After all, “to make a friend, be a friend” is not such a big and difficult order. There are particular favorable qualities, which attract others to us, and some elements which do have an effect on people in fundamental psychology or not.
If you are in the presence of a shy person, talking and asking casual (随意的) questions may bring him out of his shell. Think of what would be most acceptable to the other person, for you to talk, or to listen. Either way the goal is to make yourself pleasant.
Always remember to listen, but listen intelligently. To have anyone "hang on our words" is the most unnoticeably clever way in the world to please somebody. For a few extremely happy seconds we are the center of attraction, but when it is our turn to be audience, let us remember hoe felt as the actor, and let's be genuinely (真正地) interested in what the other fellow is saying.
Other people will like us, if we like them. If you want friends, keep your mind and heart open to friendship. Be alive to the other person's world.
1. This passage is mainly about ___.
A. the ways of talking to a shy person
B. some favorable qualities to be a psychologist
C. how to make yourself attractive to your listeners
D. how to make a friend and be a friend
2. According to the passage, “To make a friend, be a friend” is not such a big and difficult
A. arrangement B. command C. a way of learning D. sort of thing
3. The words “bring him out of his shell” (In Para. 2, Line 1-2) in this passage most
probably means ___.
A. make him become activeB. make him feel more nervous
C. help him understand the question better D. help him listen intelligently
4. According to the passage, an important way in making friends is to ___.
A. attract themB. be attractedC. listen attentivelyD. talk widely
5. The words “Be alive to ” in the last sentence of this passage most probably means ___.
A. be aware ofB. keep withC. deal withD. be ignorant of

You would like to take good photographs of real-life situations but you have few ideas for pictures. I suggest you look around you. The everyday world is full of scenes being played by an ever-changing group of actors. You probably passed a dozen picture situations without noticing on your way to work this morning.
The realistic approach to photograph has been perfected in the past by such maters as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Bill Brandt. But while you can learn a great deal from looking at the work of others, any success you can hope to achieve in this field has to come from developing an individual approach.
The main requirement for any photographer has little to do with technical matters. You must develop an awareness of the world around you and the people who live in it, and you should learn to notice when a situation may develop to a point where you will be able to take a good picture. Those who have reached this happy state will be prepared when that moment comes, and will simply raise their camera quickly and shoot. Others who are not so aware will be struggling with camera cases and lens caps.
Film manufactures must be delighted at the thought of the inexperienced photographer setting out in search of the right situation and the right moment. any miles of costly material have passed through thousands of cameras as this endless search continues. But although a lot of this waste must be put down to inexperience, you'll find that even the professionals have to use a lot of film when they are out shooting.
Not every shot is going to be a winner. If you look at the work of even the best photographers, you'll notice dozens of pictures have had to be taken only because they lead up to the successful shot of a situation that the photographer has obviously been observing through the lens. You may find that you have taken one or two pictures after the right moment has passed as well. There is seldom more than one shot which stands out. There is just one point where it all comes together, and you often have to waste film to catch that precious moment.
1. According to the passage, one can become a better real-life photographer by _____.
A. watching other photographers at work
B. learning about famous photographers
C. just taking a great many photographs
D. developing skills and ideas for yourself
2. The writer thinks that a photographer is required to _____.
A. go out and search for unusual situations
B. be highly skilled in camera techniques
C. be able to tell when a good situation might come
D. have a camera which is easy and quick to use
3. ost likely, to catch the right moment, one must _____.
A. take pictures without too much preparation
B. take a whole series of similar pictures
C. take great care to set up the situation
D. take one picture just at the right moment
4. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. The waste of film in photography is essential to the production of good pictures.
B. Film manufacturers usually enjoy pictures by inexperienced photographers.
C. Only amateur photographers waste film in taking pictures.
D. The waste of film, which is the result of poor choice of subject, is expensive and unnecessary.
5. The passage is _____.
A. part of a book of camera instruction B. an advertisement for film
C. a history of photography D. an introduction to photography

What makes one person more intelligent than another? What makes one person a genius, like the brilliant Albert Einstein, and another person a fool? Are people born intelligent or stupid, or is intelligence the result of where and how you live? These are very old questions and the answers to them are still not clear.
We know, however, that just being born with a good mind is not enough. In some ways, the mind is like a leg or an arm muscle. It needs exercise. ental (done with the mind) exercise is particularly important for young children. any child psychologists (心理学家) think that parents should play with their children more often and give them problems to think about. The children are then more likely to grow up bright and intelligent. If, on the other hand, children are left alone a great deal with nothing to do, they are more likely to become dull and unintelligent.
Parents should also be careful with what they say to young children. According to some psychologists, if parents are always telling a child that he or she is a fool or an idiot, then the child is more likely to keep doing silly and foolish things. So it is probably better for parents to say very positive (helpful) things to their children, such as “That was a very clever thing you did.” or “You are such a smart child.”
1. The words “intelligent” and “brilliant” in the first paragraph probably mean _______ while “dull” in the second paragraph means ________.
A. bright and splendid; slow in thinking and understanding
B. pretty and handsome; ordinary-looking
C. great and important; common
D. hopeful and helpful; careless 
2. According to the context we can guess that a genius is ________ while an idiot is ________.
A. a normal person; a funny person
B. a strong person; a weak person
C. a highly intelligent person; a foolish or weak-minded person
D. a famous person; an ordinary person 
3. A person ________ is more likely to become a genius.
A. whose parents are clever
B. often thinking about difficult problems
C. often helped by his parents and teachers
D. born with a good brain and putting it into active use 
4. It is better for parents ________.
A. to praise and encourage their children more often
B. to be hard on their children
C. to leave their children alone with nothing to do
D. to give their children as much help as possible 
5. Which of the following is NOT true according to the article?
A. Parents play an important part in their children’s growth.
B. The less you use your mind the duller you may become.
C. Intelligence is obviously the result of where and how you live.
D. What makes a person bright or stupid is still under discussion.
目前, 中国越越多的年轻人加入到了志愿者行动中。 China Daily 正在举行一次以Voluntary work in China 为主题的征活动。 请你根据下面表格所提供的要点写一篇英语短,向该报社投稿。
1.走进社区帮助孤寡老人, 提供医疗服务
注意:1. 短必须包括表格中所有内容,可适当发挥。要求结构合理,紧凑连贯;
2. 短标题与开头已为你写好,不计入总词数;
3. 用第一人称写; 3. 词数:120左右。
Voluntary work in China
Nowadays, in China more and more young people are engaged in voluntary work, ____________________________________________________________________________
一、单词拼写:1. rainfall 2. yearly 3.global 4. conventional 5. dignity
6. smoothly 7. interest. 8.creativity 9. foreseeable 10. designers
二、1. put pressure on 2.fall behind 3.put …into practice
4.take tentative steps 5.without doubt 6.at a crossroads
7.run out 8.in debt 9.push for
10.on the contrary
三、单项填空:1~5 CBCBC 6~10 BCBBC 11~15 ACDDA
四、句子改错:1. growsà grew 2. 去掉 had 3 . smokeàsmoking 4.caused àhaving
caused 5. turnedà worked 6.down àback 7. unlessà if 8.去掉 all
9. at àin 10. Freeing àFreed
五、动词填空:1. led2. to be translated3. followed4. lying 5. Not having caught
6. play 7. including 8. was helping 9. to do 10. reading
1. set up, what 2. put, pressure, on 3. on top of 4. claimed, lives, made, homeless
5. at a crossroads, 6. pushing for, solution 7. good for 8. leads to  
9. program organized, raise money  10.conventional, allows, be dependent on
11.has taken, measures, fight against 12. run out, future
七、完形填空:1~5 DBCAC 6~10 BDACD 11~15 ACBCD 16~20 ABCAB)
八、阅读理解:A: 1~5 DDACA B: 6~10 D C B A D C: 11~15 ACDAC
九、书面表达:One possible version:
Voluntary work in China
Nowadays, in China more and more young people are engaged in voluntary work. They are doing many different kinds of jobs. Some volunteers go into communities to care for the old people who live alone, and offer them free medical care, which helps the elders become more energetic and optimistic. eanwhile, some join in the Go West Project, trying to improve the standard of education in those remote and less developed areas. What’s more, some others organize various activities to help people realize the importance of protecting our environment, or take action to plant trees, clear up rivers, and recycle waste and so on.
In my opinion, doing voluntary work will do much good not only to society but also to the volunteers themselves. Also, all the voluntary work can make a difference. Therefore, volunteers are honorable, and with their efforts, the world will become more beautiful.

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