Unit 3 Science versus nature教案

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Unit 3 Science versus nature教案
Module5 Unit 3 Science versus nature语言点
1. On the other hand, some scientists point out that if you clone an embryo, you can produce valuable human tissues---such as bone or lung tissue—that could be used to save human lives. On the other hand, many people, including some scientists, disagree and are afraid that, if mankind toys with nature in this way, we may be on our way to producing a real-life Frankenstein’s monster.
(1) on (the) one hand…on the other hand…一方面…另一方面…
On one hand, rapid development of the economy will improve the living conditions of people. On the other hand, it will speed up environmental destruction.
(短语) at hand 在手边,在附近 by hand 用手;亲手
in hand 手头现有的,正在进行,在处理中 hand in 交上来
hand out 分发 hand over移交
hand down 把…传下去 hand in hand手拉手

(2) point at,point to和point out的意思都与“指”有关,但还是有一定区别。
point at习惯上表示指向离说话人较近的事物,意为“指着”,at是介词,着重于指的对象。point to多用来表示指向离说话人较远的事物,意为“指向”,to也是介词,着重于指的方向。point at可分开使用,point后直接跟名词或代词作宾语,at表示方向,而point to却没有这种用法,但它还表示“显示、说明”的意思。
point out表示的是给某人指示方向,要点或错误等,意为“指出”,out是副词。
根据句意,用point at,point to或point out的适当形式填空。
1.The teacher is pointing at/to the map on the wall.
2. Both the hour hand and the minute hand point to twelve. It was noon.
3..Can you point out the man you suspect?
4. All the evidence points to his guilt.
5. They pointed their guns at her head but she was not afraid.
On the point of doing sth when正要做某事。。。突然
to the point击中要害 a turning point 转折点
explain …point by point逐点解释
(3) toy with玩弄;不认真对待
She accused the young man of toying with her feelings.
The little girl just toyed with her food , as she wasn’t really angry.
(4) on one’s (the) way to doing sth. “正在做某事的过程中,即将成功,离…不远了”. to是介词,后接名词、代词或动名词短语.
He is on his way to becoming a director.
The mid-examination is on its way, so he is working harder.
On the/my way to school, when I came across a friend of mine.

A. (练习) I’ve just heard a warning ______the radio that a storm may be ____ its way.
A. on, on B. over, in C. on, above D. from, on
in the way防碍,挡道 by the way 顺便问问,顺便说说
in a way在某种意义上,在某种程度上 by way of途经
in no way决不 all the way 一路上;至始至终
make way for为...腾出地方;让路 make one’s way to(辛苦地) 前进

2. Instead, he thinks research efforts should concentrate on creating new tissues and organs that can be used to cure diseases like cancer.
concentrate /focus/ fix on/upon 集中注意力在…上
concentrate one’s attention/energy/efforts/oneself on/upon 把…集中在…上
由于外面太吵, 我不能集中注意力在学习上。
I couldn’t concentrate on my study because of the loud noise outside.
Efforts should be concentrated on how to produce more products to meet the needs of people.
3. However, some people consider that cloning human embryos with the intention of destroying them shows no respect for human life.
intention (n.) 目的,打算,意图
intend (v.) 意欲,打算 intended (adj.) 打算的,计划的
with the intention of 为了,以…为目的或意图 without intention 没有目的的
intend to do sth. 想要做某事 be intended to do sth.旨在做某事
He went to Paris to learn French.
He went to Paris with the intention of learning French.
Sorry , I didn’t intend to hurt your feeling; I just wanted to tell you the truth.
The campaign intended to protect environment is under way.
4. I don’t want to adopt someone else’s child—if I had the chance, I would have a cloned baby right now.
adopt “收养,领养” ;“采用”
Many families have to adopt children because they cannot have a baby of their own.领养小孩
They adopted different methods to try to solve the problems. 采用不同的方法

If I had met (meet) him yesterday, I would have told(tell) him about it.
Should it rain (rain) tomorrow, the crops would be saved.

5. While cloning human embryos is not legal in many countries, some scientists are already pushing ahead with research in order to produce a cloned human baby.
(1) while : conj. 1) though尽管,虽然; 2) when/as…的时候; 3)而
Though I understand what you said, I can't agree with you
Mother was cooking while I was watching TV.
B. I do every single bit of housework ________ my husband Bob just does the dishes now and then.
A. since B. while C. when D. as
A. We thought there were 35 students in the dining hall, _____, in fact, there were 40.
A. while B. whether C. what D. which
D. _____English can be difficult to learn, it is a very useful tool for communication.
A. Because B. As C. Once D. While
(2) push ahead with推进,推行
It is hard to push ahead with such an unpopular policy.

6. China has succeeded in producing clones of cows and goats, and continues to research ways in which cloning can benefit mankind.
(1) succeed in doing sth 成功做某事
He succeeded in turning to being a businessman.
=He managed to turn to being a businessman.
(2)benefit (n.) 利益,好处;(vt.)使…受益
(词组) be of benefit to =be beneficial to对…有裨益
for the benefit of…为了…的利益
benefit sb./sth. 有益于某人/某物 benefit from/by 从…中获益
It is said Yoga is of great benefit to health.
=It is said Yoga is very beneficial to health.
这种愚蠢的行为对你没有好处。(benefit sb)
This foolish behaviour didn’t benefit you.
许多学生都得益于这本好字典。(benefit from/by)
Many students have benefited from/by this good dictionary a lot.
7. I would like to comment on your article ‘The perfect copy’.
comment (n.& vi.) 评论,评注
make (a comment)comments on/upon sb./sth.= comment on/ upon sb./sth. 评论某人(某事)
He made several comments on the book.
We would like the audience to comment on our new play.
8.On a personal note, cloning would totally transform my life.
on a …note “以…语气,以…论调”
He ended his speech to his employees on a humorous note.(用幽默的语气)
On a more serious note(以更加严肃的语气), the manager mentioned the accident last month.
1.Not everything that is best for nature is good for people.
否定词not 出现在含有all, both, everything, everyone以及every+名词的句中表示部分否定,not可位于这些词的前面,也可以位于他们后面。
e.g. Not both of them have read this book.=Both of them haven’t read this book.
All bamboo doesn’t grow well. =Not all bamboo grows well.
Not everything that is best for nature is good for people.
= Everything that is best for nature is not good for people.

2.Would anyone say that development should be stopped in favor of nature?
in favour of: 有利于,赞同(接名词、代词和动名词)
ask a favour of 请某人帮忙
do sb. a favour = do a favour for sb. 帮某人一个忙
We are in favor of this suggestion..
I talked to my friend about it, and he is all in favor of giving up the plan.

3.Should they be blamed for destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of rainforest if it means a better income for their people?
blame v.& n.
blame…for…因为某事责备某人 blame sth. on把某事归咎于某人
sb. be to blame (for sth.)= sb. should be blamed (for sth.)某人因受责备
She blamed his failure on her carelessness.
She didn’t blame anyone for the mistake.
A. Who is ________ the fire?
A. to blame for starting B. to blame to start
C. to be blamed for starting D. to be blamed to start

4.Nowhere is this truer than with genetically modified food.
本句为倒装句,nowhere… truer…是比较级的形式,表示最高级的意义。
No one in my class works harder than him.
Nowhere could I find a person to help me at that time.

5.Research has been limited to increasing production profits, rather than making sure—that GM foods are safe.
be limited to +n/ doing局限于
school Education should not be limited to gaining(gain) knowledge only.
limit n. 限度;限制
the age limit 年龄限制 the speed limit 速度限制

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